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Tantra massage, relaxation Eastern. (taxiclic.com)

Tantric massage, Tantra, we are from India where a philosophical and religious system has developed, Tantrism. Tantra considers two essential principles to our world, a male principle, static, and a feminine principle, dynamic. The world is a manifestation of these two polarities. Opposes the night the day, the action at rest, the profane to the sacred, etc. ... The union of two principles by the world, sex is completely accepted in Tantra, tantric massage and aim to achieve a fundamental union between man and woman, the two principles, and where sexual desire is longer taboo, but must instead be developed. Tantric massage, in line with other Eastern relaxation techniques, also aims to circulate in the body's energies through us and are essential. The circulation of these energies is vital to the well-being. As these massages are on the sensuality and eroticism, it is difficult to find a home to these serious forms massages. Behind the promise to make you discover new relaxation techniques, often based business of soliciting and prostitution. There are several websites that can help you find contacts and learn more about Tantra. www.ayuneda.com of these sites is there, that paint a picture light. Also note forum.aufeminin, several very interesting discussions have been conducted on the subject and will also give you some resources.

Couples massage: the art of sensual touch. (journalducouple.com)

If the relaxing massage is no longer to prove its benefits, when practiced in the privacy of the couple, are often ignored. One thing is certain, during a unique moment, an ode to sensuality of the body. Frédéric Mantha, coach relaxologue energy at home, sheds light on the issue.

At the heart of our societies in a hurry, under stress every day, massage, traditional, Californian, shiatsu, and other Tantric, more than ever on the rise. But more than a parade to daily tension, massage, when performed in private, is proving to be a unique way to explore and discover more about the body of his partner. "But not only," insists, when we met, Frédéric Mantha, coach and masseur energy at home, designer Ayuneda tantric relaxation. For while it is undeniable that the couple's massage has a real dimension of sharing, it allows, he said, before anything else, a real awareness of his own body. The unique opportunity to (re) connect with oneself through the prism of love and touch and access to a full interior, a sine qua non for harmony in the couple.

A quest for self-

Some might think, wrongly, that the couple massages are just a prelude to the sexual act, a simple foreplay to stimulate the desire and libido booster. As another means to fight against the monotony or the erosion of the couple. Frédéric Mantha, anxious to remain faithful to his convictions, passionate about this profession whose dimension, for him, largely exceeds the mere sexual sphere, book at once his views on the question: "massages, at least as I the plans, are not intended to directly stimulate sexual desire, hence my reluctance to talk about erotic massages. However, through a process of acceptance and awareness of his own body, combined with a letting go an absolute and awaken the senses, they allow the full development and are undeniably sexual in nature sensual, even erotic. But this is just one of many consequences of the practice of massage. "

The intimate massage would therefore especially first main target, not the increase in sexual desire but rather the full knowledge of his own body. A first step that can take over this body, to do his own and has a significant impact on sexuality. Only on this condition, it is possible to envision a free and fulfilling sex life. In some cases, serious obstacles preventing such a development. "A young woman of 35 years with no sexual experience, with cultural barriers, came to me one day to overcome her fear of physical contact, says F. Mantha. This was a real ordeal for her. Through the massage Energy, it (re) took possession of his body and discovered a feminine ignored, repressed. The mere fact of being massaged by a man and listen to your body talk to him enough to restore confidence and overcome , at least in part, fear related to sex. "

In this regard, the massage can also, in some cases, help the healing of certain sexual dysfunctions (premature ejaculation, loss of libido, frigidity ...) However, anxious to avoid any ambiguity, F. Mantha said: "The energy massage, practiced within the couple or a professional, has no therapeutic claims. Again, the healing of certain sexual dysfunctions can actually occur, but it is only the result an awareness of his body and greater self-acceptance in general. "

Giving yourself ...

To access the full individual, itself a guarantee of harmony between the couple, it should also get rid of a number of automatic symptomatic of our society. "Most of the time, said F. Mantha, partners, lovers are awaiting permanent what the other wants, trying to anticipate, to put themselves in place of another, to try to please him . This approach, although natural, actually contributes to destroy the fun, creating frustration and parasitize the exchange. "

He added: "What is needed is sent to get rid of all the worries of performance and surrender to pleasure of massaging each other and to that of being massaged. It let hand laid naturally and open wide the door to the felt. It is also sometimes take the time to stop, put his hand and watch the magic works, the communion that is created for itself . Finally, it is understood, through the acceptance of his own body, the body of another is not our only pleasure he receives from us. The pleasure is in everyone and belongs to him. The romantic partner or the person weight is really only the vehicle for that pleasure. He that mass may not hoping for a massage exchange, it must give way entirely to the pleasure of massage. Plaisir that are perceived to very intense when the massage is performed without expectations, so without the possibility of frustration. But he who is massaged, it must be free of the guilt of the pleasure he receives. The communion of the body allows a free flow of energy common ".

This is where the massage would be an exchange. We do not take pleasure in massaging each other just because we suppose it makes her happy, or thinking at the time we make, is fun to rub each other because the pleasure we truly transcends the contact.

Tantric massage, spirituality and ecology.(revistaepoca.globo.com)

60.jpgFrédéric Manthé uses massage and relaxation tantric for its customers to integrate with spiritulité ecology.
Frédéric and Nathalie Vieyra, are professional masseurs. The name of the work (Ayuneda tantric relaxation) is attractive: the objective is, through the hands, to replace the stress, anxiety and guilt in a state of serenity. "To preserve the planet, we must integrate the protection of the outside world to our inner being," said Frederic.

[ Frederic Manthé usa a massagem e o relaxamento tântrico para que seus pacientes possam integrar espiritualidade com ecologia.
Grupos espiritualistas e esotéricos também aproveitam da feira verde. Nathalie Vieyra e Frederic Manthé são massagistas profissionais, mas o tempero é oriental. O nome do trabalho (Relaxamento Tântrico Ayuneda) é apelativo: o objetivo é, através das mãos, substituir o stress, a angústia e a culpa por um estado de serenidade. “Para preservar o planeta, é preciso integrar a proteção do mundo exterior com o nosso ser interior”, afirma Frederic.


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