Ayuneda tantric relaxation

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Frédéric Manthé
Assistante Nathalie Vieyra

Graduate School ceteph-IPC, International Protection Center, founded by master Chieu. technical education and spiritual martial arts based on the mastery of "QI".

The profound change, felt one day receiving a massage, was a revelation of life. The practice of tantra and tao struck me as obvious. The desire to give the well-being through touch energy, too.

This is of course that led me to create a protocol of movements, favoring letting go, essential to the free flow of energy. It is an invitation to travel and is written as a musical score.

The masseurs and masseuses, independent, practicing Ayuneda tantric relaxation, were chosen for their personal work, their awareness of their energy and ethics. They have received comprehensive training on learning of this relaxation.

We are a team, united and we share the same passion for wellness. It is by sharing our experiences and exchanges that continually, we reassess the quality of our technique.

Thanks to you, the personal travel that we live with you, we may be faithful servants of this energy revealing.

We are located in Ile de France, but we can move in the regions under certain conditions.


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