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Massages collection *
The first session of an hour massage or tantric coaching at a special price of € 60.

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* We receive you in private, we move home and hotel in Paris.
After 19 hours extra charge of 20 euros can be requested.
Sundays and bank holidays + 25 euros.





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Tantric massage for couple
2 hours - 250.00 euros

The duo massage performed by a masseur and masseuse, takes about two hours, provide a little more, because it does not have time to welcome or departure. The massage is done on the ground side by side and is hot essential oils.
During the preliminary interview, we determine all your needs to better identify and especially that your mind can free itself, the areas of your body that you do not want any massage practiced in the deepest respect of Tantric philosophy.
Nudity is required because the enveloping movements and those connections are much more fluid without obstacles, however if the nudity is a problem a solution for this.
This moment of intimacy with yourself will also become a great moment of complicity in your relationship, sharing the same bubble of energy, and a rediscovery of your body through touch energy mixte.ous want a couple for your time energy relaxation through massage. You prefer not to take too large a budget but still want the seriousness of a team of professionals in the energy reach of well-being.

Tantric massage for couple
1h30 - 110 euros

You want your marriage to a relaxing massage by the energy. You prefer not to take too large a budget but still want the seriousness of a team of professionals in the energy reach of well-being.

We have developed to respond to your approach, one massage at reasonable prices, allowing you to discover, in turn, rocking to the rhythm of your feelings. You will share during this hour and a half to relax, harmonize your relationship and complicity of the present moment. You will be invited to attend the massage of your spouse, and can, according to a defined protocol, to be led to make your presence felt to the other by the laying on of hands.

We will, throughout this massage, triggers informed of your relaxation, no desire to integrate your partner or your sexuality is yours. So we will not respond at any time, solicitations for sex.

Tantric massage for couple
1 hour - 130.00 euros

We offer our new Tantric massage, "Complice" for the couple.

Tantric massage, scented oil-based hot run at the same time, a masseur and masseuse on the entire body, with your agreement, but without focus.

Duration, one hour will give you access to the complicity of sharing that moment with two of well-being.

Based on the letting go and surrender, it will facilitate your personal healing while promoting the development of your relationship. A true moment of this, routine-breaker.