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Definition :
"Tantra, which means" woven together "is a term applied to a system of metaphysics and practice from the region in which himalayo-Indian is considered two basic principles of the universe symbolized by the male and female couple.
The inclusion of sexuality in tantric practices to the évei, the views and opens up new opportunities for development in a society dominated by patriarchy and male sexuality.
This metaphysics is based on two principles: an in-itself and this action awareness. The two principles are symbolized respectively by Shiva and Shakti. "

Philosophy :
"The body is apprehended under various levels: physical, mental, emotional, mental and beyond. The awareness of a spiritual reality from the body is promoted.
The world is manifested through the alternation of polarities: male-female, action-rest, day-night, profane-sacred ... the path of tantra can reunite itself the expression of this relativity. It is to awaken this dormant energy-conscious, to find the indoor unit.
The spirit of Tantra applies to all times and all acts of everyday life. Everything is about to celebrate life in the game of its fluidity, its light weight, s'implicite and beauty.

As the days :
"Being greet each in its own nature and not as a denial or repression. He recognizes his natural instincts as a component of his palette of life. There is no need to repress his nature, to conflict with it, it's just to use it, to recognize and overcome. The Tantric approach is to follow the natural course of mind, without restricting in any way.
Tantra does not fall within the Judeo-Christian moral values, but instead creates an increased awareness of the sexual act as a support factor of knowledge and transcendence. It is then the vector of liberation from taboos, fears, judgments, releases, guilt trap that sexual energy and forced to register a meaningless and especially consciousness, peace and harmony. "

He is now employed in the West as a way to communicate differently.


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