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Special women offer (rubric "for me ")
The first session of an hour massage or coaching at the exceptional price of € 60.

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Relaxation du souffle

Relaxation du souffle
1 hour - 55.00 euros

You are lying comfortably in the holding of your choice, bathed in a warm, your smell, galvanized by the scent of essential oils and incense. A slow music from your stress relaxation. The relaxation of the breath is based on both hands that allow your energy awareness let go by specific movements and distribution of energy with the breath, subtle, which is in and around each of us . Thanks to very simple elements to be explained to you, you become aware of this breath slowly leave you to it and allowed to circulate as required.
The result of this session is often spectacular, and allows returning to the workforce the "recharged battery ."

We receive you in private cabinet, we move at home an hotel in Paris and suburbs.
After 19 hours a lump sum of 20 euros can be requested.
Sundays and public holidays + 25 euros.





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1 heure (+) * 150 euros

The four-hand massage is a journey where the mind quickly loses its bearings and where harmonization of the chakras is a real release. Letting go is fast and deep, the mind can not take four hands at once.

You can discover the abandonment of the self confident sharing the energy cross the masseur and masseuse. The journey is deep, relaxing and very often its effects are lasting.
The massage IS happening on the ground, is Oil-based hot. Nudity IS NOT required, purpose of movement and fluidity Desired freedom it Provides. It Is non-binding.

Preliminary during the interview, we determined together your expectations in order to better Identify and to free your mind, and Areas of your body you do not want massaged.

2 hours - 140.00 euros

This tantric relaxation touch-based energy (the term massage IS Used in this sense here), IS a great inner journey Where the mind loses Quickly icts Where the bearings and Harmonization of energy points (chakras) IS Seen as a true liberation.

A long time due to Abandonment of Declining real That favors letting go Where You Can redefine the contours of your mental body.
The massage IS happening on the ground, is Oil-based hot. Nudity IS NOT required, purpose of movement and fluidity Desired freedom it Provides. It Is non-binding.

Preliminary DURING the interview, we determined together your expectations in order to better Identify and to free your mind, and Areas of your body you do not want massaged.

1 hour - 80.00 euros

A great way to experience our approach to Tantra by allowing you to experience the benefits of quitting. A massage from the original protocol of massage Ayuneda helping you live the moment of this in peace. Perfect for when to trust or not enough time to receive a longer relaxation.

1 hour (+) * 110.00 euros

The immersion is a relaxation massage where the energy blindfolded and ears in contact with ear plugs. An even different from the energy flow where the spirit revisits the body deeply. A full healing at the source of his feelings. It is recommended to do before a massage or Evol Ayuneda so that the confidence of both sides can take place.

1 hour (+) * 130.00  euros

At once LaVague ® Tantric massage draws inspiration from the ocean and the incessant ballet of water coming and going, up the beach with the wind and tides. He gets in tune with the updrafts and downdrafts, extraordinary energy source, to offer at the time of this, the power of the encounter with oneself. That the eternal presence of the sea breeze, it is carried by the controlled breathing of the masseur or masseuse in rhythm with the movement of hands.

Just imagine being able to feel and the beach itself and make it his own, this incredible energy provided by this perpetual motion. LaVague ® is the result of an awareness on the important Tantric path and was designed in this energy there for you.

More expensive than our other services, it is also intended primarily for those already on the path of consciousness. People ready to easily release their limiting thoughts and to go with this wonderful encounter with themselves.

1H30 - 1OO.00 euros

Both listening and massage. You talk to in confidence, to be able to verbalize a recurring problem or transient. Integration into the body of its own realizations, through touch adapting to energy needs.
Another way to better know each other.

1 hour - 110.00 euros

A small revolution in the world of massage because it is a massage standing. Yes, if you have the feeling that you can never let go when the time is for you. In fact you will have to keep your balance, move your point of consciousness inside of your feet. The massage will head to foot with movements promoting the abandonment particular. You will find yourself lulled by new sensations while drawing energy from the ground. Then, lying in a fetal position, you will dive deep within yourself.

2 hour- 140.00 euros

Often, the issue of nudity is discussed in the context of massage oil base. In the tantric relaxation, perhaps even more than in another, to live her nakedness in harmony and wholeness is essential and unavoidable.
But more important than the idea of nudity is not being able to access the discovery of the energy in the face of limiting thoughts, real insurmountable obstacles.

We thought and determined a protocol of movements that we can now offer you a massage without oil, dressed in loose clothing suitable, which will allow you to participate in this inner journey, a source of deep feeling of well-being we are craftsmen in Ayuneda. Beyond these capabilities and energy antifatigue this relaxation-based key energy may be the necessary step that, in confidence, you allow your letting go of the whole hot oil Ayuneda tantric relaxation.

Ayuneda Taoïste massage
1 hour - 70.00 euros

The FemininTâo exclusively female or couple to share. relaxation
very smooth and light, alternate energy conditioner and soothing touch. Revelation of the power of femininity in a massage consciousness that bloom in your mind the complicity of a body freed from emotional tensions.
Awakening of the senses, subtle and refined finding the root source of life.
A great energizing relaxation.

45 minutes 45 euros

A real energy bath of the foot and arch. Stimulating awareness through touch points in reflexology, you allow your mind to let go while nourishing your body full of light and abandonment.
A massage oil, where you just lie down, barefoot and breathe to the rhythm of his sensations.