Ayuneda tantric relaxation



Tantric massage offered by Ayuneda are inspired by the teachings of Tantra.

The touch of conscience, as we practice it, allows us to be very present in our hands so you can feel confident in managing your time of relaxation. This technique promotes awareness of the flow of vital energy to the cells furthest from your head.

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By moving our hands, we create a vibration wave. Breaks frequently, give you time to live while integrating. It's a constant game with the thought. However the extreme slowness of movement and perception of energy points to stimulate, make letting go comes with micro cut and the relaxation comes from deep within you.

The whole of touch, specific tantric massage, overcomes some limiting thoughts. Once rid of our ancestral taboos, it is possible to feel that the approach of his sexual body, in a job different from sexual intimacy, brings a great source of vitality and lightness. But we understand the difficulties that this approach can cause at least at first. That's why we tailor our touch according to the elements that let you come to us with confidence.

For the centering and guiding the intentions that we put into our hands, our approach to the universal energy and the original movements of our massages we allow this time is to you and you alone. A real reconnect to yourself, you will be inviting guests to your home.

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