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It is a touching specific guidance tailored to the aid relationship. It creates awareness and the problems encountered with her. The vibration created by the Therapeutic Touch promotes the release of emotional knots and blockages. It combines the feeling, empathy, guidance and feel energy consciousness.



Without position as a therapist, it is clear that beyond the relaxation sought, much of our clientele is revealed to itself, sometimes in sudden, during one of our relaxation sessions Tantric. Indeed, when the body relaxes and the abandonment that provide our sessions, the thoughts became less direct these give way to the language of the subconscious. It is not unusual to feel the emergence of memories, emotions, thought to be buried. If most of this experience, beyond the well-being felt in value of initiatory journey, for others however, the identification of certain issues, invite them to exceed their door lock while we asking to accompany them.



The helping relationship through touch, offered by the Therapeutic Touch, is positioned differently from techniques we offer support on the site Ayuneda. Indeed, the term therapeutic says my will to offer my support in the race that is yours, with the yearning, to help you discover you own resources to solve. The teachings of Tantra, feeding my daily life, used to support the Therapeutic Touch, promoting balance, guidance, listening and feeling in consciousness. His vision, among other things, acceptance of opposites, duality, recognition of sexuality in the integrity of the body, detachment, carries messages directly supplying this form of touch. This session offers the opportunity, without going through one of our relaxation, you can express your discomfort. From the first contact, you will feel with (e) in your desire to excel.



In general, all the existential problems that plague your daily life can be supported by therapeutic touch. Examples :

  • Destructive pattern of childhood 
  • Lack of confidence
  • Sleep Disorderl
  • Rape
  • Phobia
  • Sexual abusel
  • Melancholy
  • Libido disorder
  • Bulimia or anorexia
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Torque problem
  • Position themselves in a group, work
  • Solitude
  • Problem with the YES and NO
  • Sexual identity
  • Affirmation of the "I"
  • Search more lightness

Before starting a journey with Therapeutic Touch, I will update you on the various approaches to the medical profession that you have already undertaken, and will tell you, if any, details of different doctors can help you.


Whether you come with one or more specific problems or just a feeling of discomfort or deep unease, be aware that your approach is not easy and that you are not guided by your own will. Also be aware that the ability to get better to you, even if for this you need to be guided. This approach to ignore the feeling of wanting to wait for the other to heal you.

The first session begins with a handshake and the presentation of what motivates your approach. Then, in the position where you feel comfortable, you express how you feel. I accompany you in this time both by listening, appropriate questions and feel energy in the feet. As to the progress of the session, the touch is more specific, helping you to integrate awareness of the body and relax. The benefit of this technique is to not leave you alone with your problem by mentally taking by the hand to help you overcome the obstacle in the best conditions.






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